Piston Lake Ring

The walk leads to the basin of glacial origin where Lake Pistono lies: walking through vineyards, chestnut woods you can admire the castle of Montalto.
From a geological point of view, the area becomes even more interesting for the passage of the Insubric Line.
The “Variante del Maggio” leads to one of the most interesting panoramic points of the Morainic Amphitheater of Ivrea, while that of the “Terre Ballerine” leads to the discovery of a place of a particular phenomenon: at the bottom of a depression there is in fact a peat bog whose soil is elastic to the point of swaying under your steps.

Place of departure: Montalto Dora, town hall
Color: orange
Walking time: 2h (excluding variants)Variants: Monte del Maggio (45′) and Terre Ballerine (20′)

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